Multi-scale Modelling of Biological Tissues and Systems

The Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems has shown a unique expertise in multiscale modelling of biological tissues and systems for over the last two decades. The scope of research is wide, dealing with numerical modelling of: a) Numerical modelling of cardiovascular disease, b) Computational modelling of bone pathologies, c) glycaemic control in diabetic patients, and iv) Modelling of hearing function in middle and inner ear.

Biomedical and Genetic Data processing

The Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems is active in several fields of bioinformatics, such as: (i) Sequence classification based on pattern mining, (ii) Cis/trans isomerization of the peptide bond using data mining, (iii) Protein fold recognition using hidden Markov model and (iv) Evolution of oral cancer based on the integration of heterogeneous data and data analysis methods.

Intelligent information systems

This broad domain includes the development and validation of state-of-the-art telemedicine systems for the monitoring of patients with chronic diseases, patients rehabilitating after skeletal traumas or sports injuries, and people needing special care such as pregnant women or subjects with phobias.

Wearable Systems

The research objective is twofold: a) computational modeling of ultrasonic propagation in healing and osteoporotic long bones to monitor the evolution of osteoporosis and fracture healing, b) the development of a biomechanical methodology for the description of the bone-implant relation.